NAP Learning Community Session 2: Sustaining your organization’s impact through financial ups and downs

How can you help your organization sustain itself with or without government funding?
How do you make sure you can cover your costs and make an impact? NAP is pleased to bring you part two of a new series offered by our partners at CausePlanet and dedicated to exploring essential topics together.

In this second session of a four-part Learning Community Series, we will learn from each other through information sharing and questions in a facilitated environment. We will discuss an author’s ideas and how to implement them with other NAP members, offering support and ideas.

Sustaining your organization’s impact through financial ups and downs
We will discuss as a group how to define sustainability, how to look at both revenue and impact at the same time, and how to decide which programs are the most profitable and which provide the most impact.

Discussion highlights

  • Impact and revenue strategies
  • True costs and profitability
  • Matrix map
  • Next steps
  • Author insights

We’ve extended our session to 90 minutes to allow for more discussion time. One of the authors of this book, Jeanne Bell, will be joining us for the final 25 minutes to answer any questions that come up during the first hour together.

Join us for our learning conversation
Join CausePlanet facilitator Kris Rutledge and your fellow participants on Wednesday, July 20, at 11:30 a.m. Central for an online discussion at your desktop.

Who should attend
Nonprofit members of Native Americans in Philanthropy. NAP members who are interested in exploring how to improve their awareness of impact and revenue for greater sustainability.

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