Learn how to transform differences into progress with a worldview perspective

Learn how to transform differences into progress with a worldview perspective

By: Denise McMahan
Founder/Publisher for CausePlanet

This month, Native Americans in Philanthropy is partnering with CausePlanet in providing you and your fellow members with part four of our Learning Community Series about the Worldview Perspective.

These interactive sessions are information sharing at its best with your colleagues and the co-creators of the Worldview Perspective. Jerry Nagel with Meadowlark Institute and Kathy Jourdain with Shape Shift Strategies will join us for an in-depth conversation and open Q&A on the topic.

What’s different about these sessions?
What makes these discussions unique beyond the fact that members drive the agenda is that we use nonprofit book summaries as a primer for our time together. A book summary of World Café: Shaping Our Future Through Conversations That Matter by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs is available to NAP members for free, along with hundreds of other titles in the CausePlanet professional development library.

When we asked NAP Weaver, Melissa Powless Chacon, about our Learning Community Series and our book summaries, she said, “These summaries are very thorough–terrific job. I also appreciate attending engaging conversations.”

Register today and join us on November 9th!
Register now for this upcoming discussion with members and find out how everyone is handling the complexity of social media and content marketing to impact fundraising and awareness.

Download a summary and apply it now.
If you can’t join us on November 9th, visit our professional development library containing hundreds of summaries to choose from.

If you’d like to download this summary or other personal selections, simply visit CausePlanet.org and log in using your email address and NAP for the password. If you have any trouble, contact us and we’re happy to help: [email protected] or call 888-619-0602.