#NAHM17: Oliver Semans, Sr.

Native Profiles V8 6 - Native American Philanthropy

#NAHM17: Oliver Semans, Sr.

Full Name
Oliver J. Semans Sr.

Job Title, Cause or Organization you represent
Executive Director – Four Directions

Tribal Affiliation and/or any personal cultural notes you’d like to share
Rosebud Siux Tribe

What do you feel brought you to your cause and was there a personal connection or cultural teaching that sparked your initial interest?
The protection of our Treaties and Sovereignty

What is a key take-away you feel most people do not understand/are not educated on regarding your cause?
Understanding that by voting in State and Federal Elections you are in fact protecting the Tribes Treaties and Sovereignty

How do you communicate your views to those who may disagree with them?
Through educating them on the Treaty and our Sovereignty issues

What is your personal philosophy (that helps drive your work)?
Creating unity and teaching the younger generation to get involved so they can lead before we are gone

How has your approach to your work evolved since you first started? Where do you see it going/growing?
We are uniting more Native Organizations to work together and utilizing our contacts to help in other areas

What has surprised you most about working within your cause?
The amount of victories we have achieved in MT, NV, SD on voting rights

What motivates you to stay involved?
Making sure our people are afforded equality

What moment has resonated the most since you began your work?
Creating Federal Case law that strengthens our peoples right to equality

What’s your advice to those who want to learn more about your cause but aren’t sure how to get involved?
Surfing the internet on Native Causes and reaching out to the individuals

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