Webinar: #GenIndigenous Bringing Powerful Minds Together Supporting the Indigenous Lifecourse to Strengthen the Health and Well-being of Native Youth

Webinar: #GenIndigenous Bringing Powerful Minds Together Supporting the Indigenous Lifecourse to Strengthen the Health and Well-being of Native Youth

Webinar Description:

  • This was an interactive discussion examining a human development framework that considers positive, culturally grounded assets along an Indigenous Lifecourse. This framework can potentially apply to Indigenous youth, adults and communities.
  • A new report by Native Americans in Philanthropy, “Generation Indigenous: Bringing Powerful Minds Together,” considers how actual Indigenous programs incorporate Lifecourse elements in their work. The report builds on a previous report in which Native American researchers set forth the Lifecourse theory.
  • The Indigenous Lifecourse framework is about helping Indigenous children and youth grow on their own terms as sacred beings, flowering and finding fulfillment in an interconnected world that completes them. Such an experience – as seen in the framework – can unleash individual as well as collective energy, skills andideas. The framework presents a philosophy for growing, leading and healing.


Gina Jackson, Program Director

Gina Jackson is the Program Director for Native Americans in Philanthropy, she is Te-Moak Western Shoshone from Nevada. She previously worked for Casey Family Programs as an Indian Child Welfare (ICW) Director working at the Executive Office of the President on the Community Solutions Team as well as the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) Initiative. She also served at the Department of Interior, Assistant Secretary’s Office of Indian Affairs working on the Federal interagency team developing the ICWA Guidelines and Regulations. Ms. Jackson has extensive experience working in justice, tribal-state collaboration, and systems change. She serves as a connector and an igniter in all of the circles she touches.


David Cournoyer – Lead Report Writer

David is a story tracker and former journalist with broad experience in philanthropy and leadership development. An enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, David initially worked in television journalism at the local and national levels. He transitioned to communications roles at the American Indian College Fund, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Lumina Foundation for Education. As an independent consultant, he tracks success stories regarding effective Native American development at the individual and collective levels. From his home base in St. Paul, Minnesota, David frequently facilitates group conversations on healing, bringing people’s minds together and moving forward strategically.

Special Guests: 

Jessica Helen Lopez – NACA Inspired Schools

Jessica Lopez works at the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque as a teacher and resource for the NACA Inspired Schools Network, a group of schools learning from NACA. She also works with NACA students on spoken word, in addition to teaching for the Institute of American Indian Arts and the University of New Mexico Chicano Studies department. Jessica also is host of Colores, an art-based TV program for New Mexico PBS.

Mac Hall, Executive Director – National Indian Youth Leadership Project

Mac Hall is director of the National Indian Youth Leadership Project in Gallup, which has operated Project Venture in school and community sites across Indian Country for three decades. Mac is Cherokee and a former school teacher and principal. Project Venture has been named a best practice for indigenous youth by the First Nations Behavioral Health Association and a model program identified by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).