Who We Are

A Growing Network of Allies

Native Americans in Philanthropy is a powerful and growing network of Native and non-Native nonprofits, tribal communities, foundations and community leaders committed to engaging, learning and sharing resources and best practices grounded in the Native tradition of reciprocity.

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) is a membership-based organization that promotes reciprocity and investment in, with and for Native peoples to build healthy and sustainable communities for all. All are welcome to join the NAP circle. Our membership consists of those who are committed to the inclusion of  Native peoples in creating deep and long-lasting impact, systemic and sustainable change in all of our communities.

NAP is not a grantmaker.  We do partner with foundations and donors to pool funds to re-grant to Native-led, community based organizations through our Native Voices Rising and #GenIndigenous Response Fund opportunities. 

NAP is supported by membership revenue, grants, fee-for service, consulting services and the generosity of communities.

Our Story

While indigenous communities are the original philanthropists, there is a contemporary part of the NAP story.

The NAP creation story begins at the 1989 Council of Foundations conference. At this national philanthropy convening of over 2000, a small delegation representing Native Americans/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiians and Asian American/Pacific Islander philanthropic professionals came together over a meal. Barely able to fill a table for ten, the group was startled by the fact that the “brown” table (referred as by those present) could not be filled. It became glaring clear the need more diverse voices in the sector but also:

  1. Philanthropic professionals from communities of color desired culturally connected professional development opportunities,
  2. Native communities had no platform in philanthropy to raise awareness and advocate for funding to Native and Tribal communities.

From these needs arose the notion of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.

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