Indigenous Community Leadership in Response to COVID-19

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Indigenous Community Leadership in Response to COVID-19: A Call to Action for the Philanthropic Sector

This report analyzes philanthropic investments in response funds led by Indigenous people and communities, shares the perspectives of community leaders who organized these efforts, and provides key actions for the philanthropic sector to invest in a thriving and sustainable future for Indigenous communities.


  • $32,202,568 in philanthropic funds were distributed to Native communities between March and October of 2020
  • 15 nonprofit organizations raised $23,494,625 and 56 GoFundMe platforms raised $8,707,943

“The moment for Indigenous wisdom is now. Stakeholders in the sector must consult with our Indigenous relatives through informed support relationships.”
–Roanhorse Consulting

The report reviews important lessons from the ongoing crisis in Indigenous communities and calls on philanthropy to invest in Indigenous-led organizations and initiatives, to maximize general operating support, diversify vehicles for investment, identify regions and communities that face serious funding disparities, invest in Indigenous community strengths and leadership—not their deficits, and invest in tribal policy advocacy and tribal leadership.

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If you caught our  COVID-19 Community Conversation on Tuesday, January 26th, you would’ve observed that we presented a quick breakdown of major data points and concise introductions into larger report sections.

This recap, COVID Report: At-A-Glance, is a brief summarization of key findings and highlights. Consider this brief PDF document as the TL;DR guide to our full comprehensive report that you can peruse or share with others at your convenience.

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If you missed our  COVID-19 Community Conversation on Tuesday, January 26th you can view our recording here or click on the video to the right.

A huge thanks to our guest speakers, Krystal Curley (Diné) of Indigenous Life Ways, Shandiin Herrera (Diné) of Yee Ha’ólníi Doo d.b.a Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund, Olivia Roanhorse (Diné), MPH, of Roanhorse Consulting, LLC., and Negeen Darani of 11th Hour Project.

We also want to express our immense gratitude to all the attendees who took the time to watch and participate in our first COVID-19 Community Conversation. Thanks to you and the huge interest you generated, we’ve decided to hold more Community Conversations and we urge you all to watch this space for future event announcements.

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If you missed our COVID-19 Community Conversation on Tuesday, January 26th and are looking for a quick breakdown of the event, you can view our highlight reel here or click on the video to the right.

This highlight reel is not only a summary of our first Community Conversation but is also a quick guide of our report’s key findings and community perspectives.

Some of the webinar’s guest speakers have featured interviews in our full report. We focused on first-hand wisdom from Indigenous community leaders and the lessons they can impart to the philanthropic sector for better understanding and investment in Native communities.

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