Artist Bio: Brooke Nez is a 14-year old Navajo from Tocito, New Mexico. She currently is a freshman at Pine HIll High School in Pinehill, NM. Brooke enjoys drawing, painting, working with clay, sewing and crocheting. She is also a musician and enjoys playing her saxophone and clarinet. Brooke is an avid figure skater and currently skates at the Outpost Ice Arena in Albuquerque, NM.

Artist Statement: My art piece shows three generations of a Navajo family – a grandmother/mother, son/father and a daughter/granddaughter. They are looking out over their land and livestock. Being a good relative means caring for one another as well as caring for the livestock, animals and the land. It means helping others: the elderly, the young and all of your relations. It means being a good steward for the environment. Being a good relative means being respectful. Being a good relative is passing on culture and learning your traditional ways and language. This is what is conveyed in my piece. This piece was hand drawn digitally.