Artist Bio: Fabian Pugal. A young artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. My body of work is largely based on controversial issues within our society to make individuals think about their current situations. I am a Desert Cahuilla Native from Torres Martinez. I specifically work in the realm of digital design and painting. My community grounds me and is inseparable from the art I produce. I consider myself a community member above anything else.

Artist Statement: We have all heard the phrase “all my relatives” at one point in our lives well this is my visual interpretation of it. Today we see the many issues and problems we face in society and it could be chaotic at times. This visual is about coming together regardless of our skin complexion and we are all learning how to grow in this world with new understandings day and night. That last sentence is the exact picture I tried to paint down from the hands up to the bodies of light. Be A Good Relative.