Generation Indigenous

The #GenIndigenous Regional Convenings provide philanthropy the opportunity to learn more from grassroots nonprofits who have had success in tackling gaps and disparities by building on community assets through traditional knowledge, well-being and resilience, advocacy, workforce development, environment, health, juvenile justice and leadership development.

#GenIndigenous seeks to improve the lives of Native youth by promoting a national dialogue, policies, and programs to mobilize and cultivate the next generation of Native leaders. Native Americans in Philanthropy has and will continue to convene Native youth organizations and Native youth themselves to continue visioning and having the important conversations to keep Generation Indigenous moving forward while celebrating Native-led and Native-driven promising practices in an aim to spur more philanthropic commitments towards the meaningful support of Native youth.


Native Americans in Philanthropy was honored to partner with the White House on the Generation Indigenous (#GenIndigenous) philanthropic event, “Generation Indigenous: Raising Impact with Innovation and Proven Strategies” at the White House in 2016. At this event Native Americans in Philanthropy called upon the philanthropic community to take action to elevate key issues and address the pressing needs of Native youth with culturally comprehensive approaches to ensure all Native youth reach their full potential. Through this call, and in partnership with The Minneapolis Foundation and philanthropic partners, the #GenIndigenous Response Fund was created.

#GenIndigenous Response Fund

Native Americans in Philanthropy launched the #GenIndigenous Response Fund in partnership with The Minneapolis Foundation in 2016 to honor the Native youth leading Generation Indigenous and the Standing Rock land, water and sovereignty protection fights. The Fund supports expansion from specific advocacy campaigns to long-term movement building across Indian Country. The Fund pools investments from different sources and a Native grant committee awards grants of up to $5,000 to groups supporting youth organizing and activism and building long-term power for Native American youth.  Organizations apply the funds to 3-6-month projects, including strategic communications, education, workforce development, juvenile justice, resiliency, traditional knowledge, sustainability, environmental justice, health, and trauma and healing.  These projects are important grassroots work that that funders might otherwise not fund because they are too small, too experimental, or not visible to mainstream culture.


Los Angeles, CA – Native Americans in Philanthropy and The Minneapolis Foundation is pleased to announce its fourth round of  #Generation Indigenous (#GenI) Response Fund grants. A total of $122,500 has been awarded to 17 organizations across the country providing funds to support youth organizing and activism for critical social justice issues affecting Native youth.  […]

2020 #GenI Grantees Organizational and Project Descriptions

California Native Vote Project – Los Angeles, CA California Native Vote Project seeks to engage Native American voters in California in order to improve the quality of life for Native American communities and protect the continuity of Native American cultures. We will launch a spring 2020 cohort of a Native youth leadership program that supports […]

2019 #GenI Grantees

AT&T Center for Indigenous Politics and Policy – Washington, DC Through research, scholarship and service, the AT&T Center for Indigenous Politics & Policy supports tribal leaders and engages Indigenous youth to promote public awareness and develop the political tools that will help them overcome challenges within their communities. AT&T CIPP analyzes a number of politically […]

Webinar: #GenIndigenous Bringing Powerful Minds Together Supporting the Indigenous Lifecourse to Strengthen the Health and Well-being of Native Youth

Webinar Description: This was an interactive discussion examining a human development framework that considers positive, culturally grounded assets along an Indigenous Lifecourse. This framework can potentially apply to Indigenous youth, adults and communities. A new report by Native Americans in Philanthropy, “Generation Indigenous: Bringing Powerful Minds Together,” considers how actual Indigenous programs incorporate Lifecourse elements in their work. [...]

NAP Featured in Designer Bethany Yellowtail’s PBS Docuseries

Bethany Yellowtail is the CEO, founder, and creative director of acclaimed fashion house B.Yellowtail, that combines contemporary fashion with an authentic Native perspective. Launched in 2014, the B.Yellowtail label has attracted a huge following, including celebrities like America Ferrera, Shailene Woodley and John Legend. In episode one of a new PBS video series about Bethany, […]

Big Announcement for our National Philanthropy Institute!

Native Americans in Philanthropy is excited to announce that Native recording artist and member of the multi-platinum hip hop group, Black Eyed Peas, Taboo (Shoshone) will join us at our 2018 National Philanthropy Institute in June! The National Philanthropy Institute is our key signature event for funders, tribal leaders, and influencers held from June 13 [...]

2016 Generation Indigenous Educational Funder Tour at Standing Rock Recap

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been fighting the nearly-complete Dakota Access Pipeline which is set to run through sacred burial sites and the water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST). The project has confronted months of legal and organized resistance by the SRST and their allies throughout the U.S. and abroad, first [...]

Northern California Funder Tour: #GenIndigenous in action

Northern California Funder Tour: #GenIndigenous in action Last month, Native Americans in Philanthropy in partnership with The California Endowment (TCE) showed Generation Indigenous (#GenIndigenous) in action in the northwestern California region of Del Norte County. The educational funder tour, spearheaded by Geneva Wiki, Program Manager for TCE, showcased TCE’s Del Norte County and adjacent tribal [...]

NAP Ally Wallace Global Fund honors Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) is excited to share that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has received the Inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award and Pledge of $1 Million in Support for Tribe's Transition to Renewable Energy and an additional $250,000 cash prize. The Wallace Global Fund first attended NAP's Standing Rock Generation Indigenous Educational Funders Tour last [...]

Northwest #GenIndigenous Regional Convening

By Tachini Pete, Northwest Regional Weaver, Native Americans in Philanthropy On April 28th, 40 people representing regional philanthropic and Native-led nonprofit organizations convened to share innovative approaches in addressing the challenges facing Native youth today. This event was held in downtown Seattle at Seattle Foundation’s new event space. NAP’s convening partners, Potlatch Fund, Philanthropy Northwest, [...]

Northern California #GenIndigenous Regional Convening

By Morning Star Gali, Northern California Regional Weaver, Native Americans in Philanthropy On Tuesday April 18th, 2017, Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) hosted a regional #GenIndigenous event, held at Northern California Grantmakers in San Francisco. It was an honor to coordinate an event that highlighted innovative Native youth organizing. An initiative launched by President Obama [...]

#GenIndigenous Response Fund awards ten grantees

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) is excited to announce the first round of Generation Indigenous (#GenIndigenous) Response Fund grantees! The #GenIndigenous Response Fund was established in December 2016 in support of youth organizing and activism responding to current movements, such as Standing Rock, in ways that build long-term power for Native American youth. "Standing Rock [...]