Artist Bio: My mom taught me how to sew on the sewing machine and how to do beadwork. I have been sewing since I was a little girl. I love to sew ribbon skirts. Sometimes I make drawings of my skirts and sometimes I just sew using materials I have. I make my own skirts for special occasions and I make ribbon skirts for my friends and relatives. My mom taught me why we wear ribbon skirts and why it is important. It is because we are Native women and all women are related. Wearing my ribbon skirt makes me feel important and special.

Artist Statement: I picked the Bird Skirt as my art piece because it is the fanciest skirt I ever made. It took the longest and was also the hardest to make. I drew the design first so I had a plan to follow, I made it with aprons, and I appliqued a beautiful bird on it. It is made with sparkly pink magic dot fabric underneath and has lots of ribbons. I added photos of another skirt I made and me sewing it on the sewing machine.