Artist Bio: My name is Jenavieve Echegaray, I’m a freshman attending Desert Veiw Highschool. I’m the second born child of parents Eusebio Echegaray and Isabel Osuna. I have two sisters and a twin brother. My parents divorced when I was young, which was for the best, I spend time with both parents still. A few years after the divorce my mom developed Breast Cancer which affected me heavily. At this time, I came to the realization that my parents aren’t gonna be around forever. I strive to make both parents proud while they’re still here. I put the utmost effort in everything I do and I love a challenge. I’ve received recognition for my hard work from ASU regarding my project for the Future City Competition. My dream is to become a sustainability engineer and change the world.

Artist Statement: This art piece features deer dancers from the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. This art piece represents family participating in traditions that have been around for years and years. A responsible family member keeps the family together and traditions play a big part in doing so. In the art piece the two dear dancers are looking at the person viewing the art piece. This represents them trusting you to keep attending these traditions to keep your family and the community of your tribe involved with each other.