Zawzee Eliana Banks, 13 (Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation)

Artist Bio: Bozho Zawzee ndeznekas Moewe ndodem mine kishko Shawnee Ok ndeda. Hello my neshnabe name is Zawzee I am wolf clan and my color is Red. I live in Shawnee, Ok. My government name is Eliana Banks and I am in the 8th grade. I am 13 years old and love playing basketball.

Artist Statement: To me being a good relative is not only being good to other human beings but also to the earth and the animals on it. My picture is a reflection of my family’s clans. Gdebanen is Potawatomi meaning you are the one I love because in our language others always come first in the sentences. This is a natural way we learn to put others before ourselves. I hope someday I can show the future generations how to be a good relative by teaching others about their cultures and where they come from and how to respect the earth. Igwien (thank you)