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Indian 101

Event Date: Nov 23, 2021 - EST
Important Note: Due to the high demand for this webinar series, staff of foundations, funders, and other grantmakers will be prioritized for attendance. Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) is pleased to host Americans for Indian Opportunity's transformative cultural competency/cultural humility training, Indian 101, for NAP's members and guests. This webinar series is focused on engaging participants in a facilitated dialogue to generate practical strategies for partnering with Native communities and to provide a more positive, realistic understanding of contemporary Indigenous peoples and modern Tribal governments.

What Philanthropy Needs to Know

Foundations, grantmakers, and other funders are invited to join one or all the sessions for a conversation with NAP Member, Laura Harris, Executive Director and CEO of Americans for Indian Opportunity(AIO) and NAP's Brittany Schulman, Vice President of Indigenous Leadership and Education, as they unpack the vital connection between philanthropy and American Indian/ Native American relations. Each of the sessions is an interactive experience that covers the past, present, and future of Indigenous peoples' shared values as well as the diversity of cultures. The Indian 101 events can be taken together or can be taken alone and are for all levels of experience with the topic. The programming is designed to build awareness and understanding of how racism and systemic racism impact Native peoples. Each session will build knowledge and suggest practical examples of how to incorporate Native initiatives into philanthropic and nonprofit programming and action. Series Objectives - Participants will:
  • Gain a better understanding of Indigenous peoples of the Americas
  • Gain a better understanding of U.S.-Tribal relations and the impact of federal policy on Native peoples
  • Understand how racism and systemic racism impact Native peoples
Questions? events@nativephilanthropy.org

Dates and Times:
  • November 23 at 1:00 - 2:00pm ET: Tribal Federal Relations and Indigenous Values & Resilience (Part 1)
  • November 30 at 1:00 - 2:00pm ET: Tribal Federal Relations and Indigenous Values & Resilience (Part 2)
About the Presenter: Laura Harris
Executive Director and CEO
Americans for Indian Opportunity
Laura Harris, enrolled citizen of the Comanche Nation, has led the national nonprofit advocacy organization Americans for Indian Opportunity for 25 years where she coordinates an international network of Indigenous leaders and organizations. She is a trained facilitator in consensus building and transformational community engagement. Before joining AIO, she served on the original staff of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Indian. Prior to that, Harris worked in the DC office of U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman. Harris developed the curriculum and implements the award-winning Ambassadors Program, the only national Indigenous values-based leadership training. She also provides an AIO crafted informational presentation, “Indian 101” to hundreds of groups and businesses. Harris has extensive experience in politics and has served as senior advisor, paid staff, and volunteer to several Presidential and Congressional campaigns. Harris founded and was the first Chair of the Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico. In 1997, President Clinton appointed Harris senior consultant to the President’s Initiative on Race. Harris received the YWCA 2001 Women on the Move Award. In the past, she served on the national governing boards of the Center for Policy Alternatives, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Currently, Harris serves on the national boards of the Latin American Working Group, the Native American Hall of Fame, and the Albuquerque BioPark Community Advisory Board. She is elected secretary of the Toyah Band of Comanche and active huutsie (Comanche paternal grandmother) to her 5 year old granddaughter.


Do I need to register for each individual session? No, once you've registered for one, you're registered for the series.  Zoom will send you a reminder email the day of your sessions. Will these sessions be recorded? No. At this time, these sessions are only being offered LIVE. Do I need to be a member of NAP to attend "Indian 101?" No. This webinar serires is  open to NAP's members and friends. We will be offering member-only events in the near future to build upon this series.

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