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Tribal Nations Initiative Listening Session - Region 4 (MT, ND, NE, SD, WY)

Event Date: Sep 22, 2022 - PST

Tribal Nation Leaders and Professionals Are you looking for more resources to support projects in your community?

Join the NAP Tribal Nations Initiative listening sessions to discuss:

  • Funding priorities for Tribal Nations 
  • Resources from the philanthropy sector
  • How to meaningfully engage the philanthropy sector
  • Resources, data and capacity building
  • Focused initiatives in the environment, education and healthcare
  • Building Tribal coalitions

Why should Native communities engage with philanthropy?

There are billions of untapped dollars that could support your community from the philanthropy sector. The philanthropy sector spent over $400 billion on various programs and initiatives in 2019, yet less than half of 1% of those funds went to support Native American communities. Through more awareness, education and collaboration we can improve our relationships with and access to the philanthropy sector.

What is the Tribal Nations Initiative?

The NAP Tribal Nations Initiative (TNI) will support a Native-led movement to bring Tribal Nations and philanthropy together on one centralized platform. Beyond facilitating a space for connection and collaboration, TNI will support Native philanthropists across a spectrum, from established grant makers expanding their impact to those just beginning to explore the landscape. By creating technical support systems, building visibility, and encouraging partnerships beyond transactions, TNI aims to indigenize giving and direct resources to Native communities in the process. This listening session is generously hosted by the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

As part of the registration process for this listening session, NAP is asking for your responses to the questions on this page. You, and your answers to these questions, will remain anonymous. However, data compiled and aggregated from registration will be used to better inform the work of Native Americans in Philanthropy's Tribal Nations Initiative.

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