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Member Education Session: Language Acquisition and Preservation

Event Date: Feb 21, 2024 1:00pm- 2:30pm
Event Type: Virtual

Member Education Sessions: Language Acquisition and Preservation 

Indigenous languages embody the resilience of our communities, as their survival and flourishing rested solely on the commitment and fortitude of our ancestors. Using our mother languages is a ceremonial act, symbolizing a rebellion against a system and culture that sought to strip and eradicate our identities and communities. The preservation and advancement of Indigenous languages present a unique opportunity for Native Peoples and communities. A resurgence of efforts and investment to safeguard this cultural lifeblood continues to grow. Now, and into the future, language and culture must be preserved and expanded for the next seven generations.

Members of Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Native Youth Grantmakers program alongside our moderator, Stephine “Steph” Poston (Pueblo of Sandia), and guest speakers Dr. Wai’ale’ale Arroyo (Native Hawaiian) and Celeste Naranjo (Pueblo of Cochiti) share their in-depth perspectives and experiences on the forefront of language revitalization efforts.

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WAI’ALE’ALE ARROYO (Native Hawaiian) (she/her)

Vice President of Hi’ialo, Kamehameha Schools

A Native Hawaiian mother, educator, cultural practitioner, and executive, Dr. Waiʻaleʻale Arroyo is committed to the restoration of her people's Hawaiian identity, culture, language, and practices for Ea (self-determination).  

She is Vice President at Kamehameha Schools leading community education, engagement, and partnerships across the state of Hawaiʻi, impacting about 70,000 Native Hawaiian children and families annually. 

Kamehameha Schoolsʻ mission is to fulfill the legacy of Ke Aliʻi (Princess) Bernice Pauahi Bishopʻs desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry. The schoolʻs work is to ensure a strong Native Hawaiian identity in every keiki (child) and ʻohana (family) it serves. This includes education rooted in Hawaiian knowledge, language, and worldviews, the perpetuation of our cultural practices and traditions, instilling a life-long kuleana (responsibility) to our people and place, and the development of our people in ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiian) leadership to prepare them to lead locally and globally. 

Dr. Arroyoʻs previous background and experience includes being an educator and non-profit CEO, Hawaiian Culture-based program development and evaluation, and Hawaiian language medium public charter Head of School. She holds a Doctoral degree in Education, Masterʻs in Private School Leadership Development, Masterʻs in Business Administration, and Bachelorʻs in Elementary Education. She is a Mea Hoʻōla, a traditional Hawaiian healing practitioner restoring ʻōiwi-based healing practices in the home.

CELESTE NARANJO (Pueblo of Cochiti) (she/her)

Education Director, Keres Children’s Learning Center

Celeste comes from the Pueblo of Cochiti and has been an educator for 16 years. Her background of language revitalization and retention stems from her support of the Cochiti Summer Youth Language Program (CSYLP) as the program coordinator for several summers. She has a passion for working with Indigenous students and strives to connect with them because of her deep cultural background. 

Celeste believes that the Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) is a vital component of the Pueblo because it upholds the community’s cultural values. Children are highly encouraged to learn the ways of the Pueblo through cultural and academic curricula that are grounded in the Keres language. It warms her heart to hear children speaking Keres daily at the school. She recognizes and values that the elders of the community hold significant knowledge that helps keep the mission alive. She’s excited to be part of the leadership team at KCLC as the Education Director. She has a passion to contribute her knowledge to improve and support the school and its endeavors to reclaim the education of Cochiti Pueblo children.

MODERATOR: STEPHINE "STEPH" POSTON, M.A. (Pueblo of Sandia) (she/her)

President & CEO, Poston & Associates, LLC

“Steph” was born and raised on the Sandia Pueblo Indian Reservation. She worked for her Tribe for eleven years before launching Poston & Associates, a full-service communications firm.

Steph’s expertise includes strategic facilitation, capacity-building training, leadership development, strategic communication, and event planning. She has worked with numerous Tribes and Tribal entities in New Mexico and throughout Indian Country on public relations and marketing campaigns, sacred site protection, voter empowerment, water rights, Tribal policy development, economic development, education, and healthcare. 

She is a co-founder of Native Women Lead and recent past Chairwoman of the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts which hosts Indian Market.

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