Native Americans in Philanthropy is excited to announce that our 2018 National Philanthropy Institute will be held June 13-15 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico! Our Native Philanthropy Institute, a key signature event, is intentionally designed to feature Native and non-Native speakers and participants across geographies, sectors, and cultural communities.  We have a powerful theme this year, The Movement of Movements: The Healing Worldview of Indigenous Peoples. Key focus areas are:  Indigenous women and girls, Native American youth, healing, and mass incarceration. We will also be weaving in economic development and civic engagement (voting and census) into the programming. We are currently accepting session proposals from funders, philanthropic organizations, and members of Native Americans in Philanthropy. Proposals will be reviewed by our Program Committee. The 2018 National Philanthropy Institute is a philanthropy conference that shares innovation and addresses issues throughout Indian Country. Submissions can be national in scope; however, we are also interested in Native innovation, including issues related specifically to New Mexico.       

Audience: Mainstream Philanthropy, Tribal Leaders, Tribal Philanthropy, & Native Program Officers.

Goals for the conference are to:

  1. Create issue-driven partnerships and deepen existing relationships within networks.
  2. Educate mainstream philanthropy on funding inequities and how they can be a part of community-based solutions.
  3. Inform foundation staff about pressing Native issues and ways to advocate for Native-led organizations and solutions.
  4. Support the pipeline of Native philanthropy leaders and provide philanthropic expertise.

Proposal Selection

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee in March 2018.  Proposals are considered, as drafts, and feedback may be provided to the Presenter beginning April 2018.  Proposed sessions may be asked to be combined with other proposals in order to maximize knowledge and resource sharing for conference attendees.

Factors Affecting Proposal Selection

The Planning Committee encourages session proposals under this year’s powerful Native Institutes’ theme: The Movement of Movements: The Healing Worldview of Indigenous Peoples. Proposals should include one or more of the following components:

  • healing
  • civic engagement
  • advocacy
  • systems change
  • economic development
  • professional development

Additionally, proposals that draw from the perspectives of philanthropy, best practices, lessons learned, resource sharing, collaboration, and Tribal giving are highly desired.  Proposals will be selected on the basis of appropriateness and significance of topic, as well as indications that the presentation will be organized and well prepared. The Planning Committee will balance the range of topics, level of expertise, the interests covered, and the professional and regional representation of the program presenters. The Program Committee will welcome proposals that touch upon or weave in one or more of the most significant Protective Factors for Native American youth, families, and communities: cultural connection and connectedness; family connectedness; community control; spirituality and ceremonies; extended kin bonds and networks; healthy traditional food; youth self-efficacy.

To Enhance Your Proposal

  1. State topic and point of view clearly
  2. Select an appropriate format for topic (panel, presentation, table-top discussion, etc.)
  3. Clearly define three learning objectives
  4. Fit proposal to the time allowed (no longer than 60 minutes)
  5. Show knowledge of better practices and research
  6. Use a title that reflects the content

Format of Sessions We encourage session designers to include audience interaction and participation. We have listed below examples of session structures.

Goal: To inform your colleagues, showcase a variety of approaches to supporting issues or communities, and generate creative thinking. Structure: A 60 minute session with no more than four speakers framing issues, sharing stories of their work, using multimedia, and/or dialoguing with each other.

Open Discussions or Talking Circle
Goal: To share experiences and encourage peer connections. Structure: A 60 minute session with a facilitated discussion by 1-2 presenters on issues, strategies, or challenges identified by participants.

Hands-on Workshop
Goal: To provide participants with new skills or tools that can be applied to their work. Structure: A 60 minute session built around small group discussions or hands-on exercises. Participants leave with practical skills or tools.

TED-style Talk
Goal: To present a short and engaging talk that can be new in theory or a new argument that can challenge or expand on a basic idea. Structure: A 30 minute TED-style Talk comprised of 15 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A.

You DO NOT have to conform to any of these session types.  Innovative/creative session formats are highly encouraged.

Responsibilities of Presenters

  1. All presenters must register for the conference. There will be a $300 credit towards the registration fee for each presenter at the conference.   
  2. All presenters will be responsible for their own travel expenses, including airfare, per diem, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses.
  3. When two or more people are presenting, the Contact Presenter is responsible for notifying all co-presenters about the status of the proposal.
  4. No session selected for the conference should have its content significantly changed once accepted.
  5. Presenters are responsible for providing session handouts in advance to the Institute.
  6. Bios, handouts and any PowerPoint presentations are due to NAP—at the latest— two weeks in advance of the conference.

How to Submit a Proposal

Please submit your proposal using the following link here no later than March 12, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (PST).  Final selections will be made by mid-April.

Submit a Proposal