Carly Hare, (Pawnee/Yankton), CHANGE Philanthropy

Carly Hare, (Pawnee/Yankton), CHANGE Philanthropy

Carly Hare (Pawnee/Yankton) strives to live a commitment to advancing equity and community engagement through her professional and personal life. Carly has served as the Coalition Catalyst/National Director of CHANGE Philanthropy since 2015. Carly is currently the Chair of the Common Counsel Foundation Board of Trustees and Treasurer of the Highlander Research and Education Center Board of Directors. Carly has served on planning committees and presented at over 40 conferences and convenings at the intersection of equity and philanthropy. She is a proud partner, daughter, sister, auntie, ally, friend and equity advocate. Carly’s Pawnee name is <i kita u hoo <i ]a hiks which translates into kind leader of men.

Workshop Block #4: Embedding Equity with an Indigenous Lens


How does the philanthropic equity movement engage and include Indigenous Peoples and Native communities? This session will provide a landscape of philanthropic equity efforts. We will hear from three CHANGE Philanthropy Partner organizations and how they approach integrating an indigenous lens with their network and as part of philanthropic equity. We will explore the power […]

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