THE INDIGENOUS LIFECOURSE: Strengthening the health and well-being of Native youth

THE INDIGENOUS LIFECOURSE: Strengthening the health and well-being of Native youth

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Today, we see countless examples of Native American youth at the forefront of movement building in Native communities, demonstrating their leadership, resiliency and relentless commitment for a better world. Native Americans in Philanthropy believes that it is vital for funders to understand and value Native youth, and their indigenous peoples traditional knowledge that makes them champions and leaders. We also believe that funders must invest in long-term systemic change, led by Native leaders, with an emphasis on justice, healing, and reconciliation.

Native Americans in Philanthropy has initiated implementing a two phase research agenda to develop a framework that focuses on understanding and influencing the optimal development of Native youth. In Phase One, a core group of researchers discussed and developed a working document that will be further developed in Phase Two. In Phase Two, we propose to coordinate a broad consultation process. We will be broadening our indigenous scholar circle, gather additional academic and community insight, and produce a clear and concise framework reflective of the diversity of Native youth, families and communities. We have concluded Phase One and share a preliminary draft framework. We offer partner opportunities to support Phase Two of this critical initiative. Philanthropy in partnership with Native American leaders must bring new light and bear the weight of action to achieve the optimal development of Native youth and future generations. We look forward to partnering on this important work together.

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