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Native Americans in Philanthropy engages in building a network of nonprofits, philanthropy, emerging leaders, and Native communities for discussions and collaborative action for building philanthropy rooted in Native traditions and values and to educate and empower our communities about current practices in Native philanthropy.

Membership dues are based on the calendar year and expire December 31 of each year.

There are five types of members:

Philanthropic Institutions: Philanthropic Institutional membership is open to grantmaking entities, including: Nonprofit nongovernmental entities that use resources to provide social services or support social change. These institutions include grantmaking institutions (community foundations, corporate foundations, corporate philanthropy, family foundations, tribal foundations, private foundations, independent foundations, public charities, international foundations, and private operating foundations).  Membership dues are based on annual grants program.

Tribal/Native-led Organizations/Nonprofits: Tribal membership is open to Tribal Governments and/or tribal grantmaking entities. NAP deeply respects tribal sovereignty, and does not require tribal members to disclose sensitive financial information. We do however ask that Tribes and tribal grantmaking entities provide a NAP membership rate commensurate with their giving portfolio and ability. Unlimited number of staff members and trustees can receive benefits. Membership dues are based on the annual expense budget.

Non-profit Funder: Non-profit Funder is open to organizations that are nonprofit entities that re-grant a minimum of $100,000 per year (are not listed in the philanthropic institution definition above). Also includes philanthropy-servicing organizations, educational institutes, impact investors, and intermediaries. Membership dues are based on the annual expense budget.

Philanthropic Individual: Philanthropic Individual Membership is open to all Native peoples who serve as staff, governing body members, or official representatives of corporate, foundation, or Native grantmaking organizations that are committed to advancing philanthropic practices for the benefit of Native communities and indigenous peoples.

If you have additional questions please contact Rod Jacobs, Director of Development, at [email protected].

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