Strong Hearts and Minds
Centering Indigenous Women and Girls in Movement

Native women occupy central roles of power and influence in and beyond indigenous communities . They are life givers, healers, culture bearers, and leaders across diverse cultures.

Through centuries of colonialism and genocide, Native women have sown the seeds of resistance and resilience: as woman warriors fighting colonization, vocal advocates for indigenous rights and sovereignty, and activists protecting the earth, families and communities. Their leadership and worldview has influenced organizers and activists across issues and communities, including suffragists and feminists, environmentalists, criminal justice reformers and racial justice advocates.

“Strong Hearts and Minds” re-centers Native women and girls in all of our communities and movement work. Native families and communities face systemic barriers that are the legacy of colonialism and genocide, and Native women and girls are leading efforts to restore our communities to full health and sustainability. Their work is powered by traditional practices that we identified as key protective factors in our earlier report, The Indigenous Lifecourse: Strengthening the Health and Well- Being of Native Youth, continues the matrilineal line of healing, resistance and resilience, and can guide the investment in actions that strengthen Native women and girls leadership.

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