Generation Indigenous: Raising Impact with Innovation and Proven Strategies

A Call to Action for Philanthropy & Changemakers


Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Vision for Generation Indigenous

  • Mobilize significant new resources and commitments toward Native youth
  • Elevate the visibility and discussion of pressing issues affecting Native youth at the national and local level
  • Scale community interventions and effective preventions that positively impact Native youth
  • Change biased, discriminatory, and unequal perceptions about Native youth by recognizing and elevating their assets and agency
  • Enact and change policy and laws to combat institutional and structural barriers facing Native youth


Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) calls upon its philanthropic partners and changemakers to take one or more of these actions:

  1. Engage in capacity building for foundations regarding Native American communities and issues
  2. Deepen relationships with local Native nonprofits by participating in a regional convening facilitated by NAP Regional Weavers
  3. Forge new partnerships with tribes, tribal philanthropy, government agencies, and community-based organizations to align outcomes, strategies and investments
  4. Commit to participating in annual Native American Funding Survey
  5. Increase investments to Native American-led, youth serving organizations


We encourage you to join us in the initiative by committing to one or more of the opportunities below. Together we can ensure all Native youth reach their full potential and we achieve a vision of healthy and sustainable Native communities supported by responsive philanthropy.

Gen-I Webinars: Sponsor and/or participate in webinars focused on strengthening the work of grantmakers, tribes, nonprofits, elected officials and consultants who are interested in becoming Native changemakers and leaders who make a difference with Native youth and communities. These webinars will provide a great resource for knowledge sharing. Funders are also invited to use this space to share their grant programming with Native communities. Watch for upcoming Webinar dates and registration.

Native Culture and Context for Philanthropy (NCCP): Sponsor and/or participate in NCCP, symposia-based learning sessions designed to deepen the cultural understanding and engagement of philanthropic organizations to adopt strategic and inclusive grantmaking to and develop partnerships with Native communities. The sessions share the Native realities and context that includes local, regional, and national wisdom holders.

Funders Tours: Sponsor, partner on and/or participate in a half-day funding tour in your region to learn about Native culture as well as programming and organizing in that is happening through our Regional Action Networks. The tours will invite Native and non-­­Native grantmakers and elected officials to discuss priority outcomes and investment goals.

Research Convenings: We are developing a holistic and culturally grounded Indigenous Lifespan framework under the leadership of Native child and youth development researchers. Sponsor and/or participate in research convenings in which NAP will share the framework and facilitate discussions on individual and collective adoption of the framework into programming and funding strategy. This work will help launch a network of philanthropic-focused indigenous scholars who will continue to provide expertise and collaborative recommendations to the field.

Lightning Sessions: NAP will place a call for applications from nonprofits serving Native Youth in the areas of traditional knowledge, leadership development, STEM, connectivity, workforce development, resiliency, health and well-being for 5 minute presentations on their innovative solutions and strategies. 

Support Native Voices Rising: Co-invest in Native Voices Rising, a joint research and re-granting project of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Common Counsel Foundation intended to focus on the need for increased investment in and sustained support for grassroots community organizing and advocacy in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities. Deeper and longer-term investments in community organizing and leadership development efforts will promote self-determination and the ability to develop and seek our own vision of change. For more, read the Executive Summary here. More information regarding the report, grantmaking and purchasing the report can be found here.

Become a Member: NAP is the only national organization that engages a gathering of non-profits, philanthropy, emerging leaders and Native communities for discussions and collaborative action for building philanthropy rooted in Native traditions and values and to educate and empower our communities about current practices in Native philanthropy. Join the Circle and become a member of NAP today.


To join the Call To Action for Generation Indigenous for Philanthropy fill out the electronic form below:

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Questions? Please send us an email at [email protected].


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