Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Native Americans in Philanthropy is to promote equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities.


Our Approach: Expanding the Sacred Circle

Native Americans in Philanthropy engages, educates and empowers a sacred circle of Indigenous Peoples and philanthropies to create healthy and sustainable communities for all. Historically, NAP has supported flagship program areas — educating philanthropy, enhancing Native nonprofit leadership, and investing in data and research — to drive philanthropic investments to achieve this vision. Now we are taking a bolder stance towards supporting advocacy and movement building, as well, recognizing that these are also necessary to making positive and long-term impact in our communities.

NAP seeks to expand the sacred circle and scale our impact through the following strategies:

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all Native communities to be restored to full health and sustainability through responsibility. To accomplish this, we commit to the following goals:

  • Increase philanthropic investment in Native communities to strengthen and expand community-based solutions.
  • Strengthen supports for Native, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders to further diversify the sector.
  • Improve the availability of regular, reliable data and Indigenous-led research on philanthropic giving to Native communities.

Restoring Native communities to full health and sustainability will take all of us. Join our sacred circle.