Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Native Americans in Philanthropy is to promote equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities.

Our Approach

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) promotes equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities. We have more than a 30-year presence in the field and work closely with our counterpart organizations advocating for Tribal communities. The cornerstone of our work is our relatives and our networks. We support several communities of stakeholders that work together to build knowledge, community, priorities, and power in the sector. These networks include Native professionals in philanthropy, elected Tribal leaders, Native youth leaders, Native philanthropic executives and board members, and Native nonprofit leaders.

We leverage the power and wisdom of these networks to: 

  • Increase the authentic visibility of Native people and communities 
  • Develop tools and resources to educate funders
  • Establish more meaningful relationships that align with our Indigenous values 
  • Increase funding and accountability to Indigenous-led organizations, grassroots movements, and Tribal Nations.

In 2020, total charitable giving in the United States was about $471 billion. Only 0.4% of funding by large U.S. foundations is directed to Native communities. It is commonplace to find that funding decisions in philanthropy are too often disconnected from those who are most impacted. To this end, NAP co-developed the Investing in Native Communities platform with Candid so that funders had a resource to learn about the basics of working with tribal communities while exploring where current funding is being directed. We are also in the process of redeveloping all our training programs so that we can provide opportunities for funders to learn about tribal communities and their priorities. Additionally, NAP provides strategic consulting and partnership to foundations and other funders on specific issue areas and advance meaningful conversations that lead to meaningful relationships.  

Native peoples are the first philanthropists, but Native people remain invisible. This is why it is crucial for Native people to build voice and power in the philanthropic sector. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all Native communities to be restored to full health and sustainability through responsibility. To accomplish this, we commit to the following goals:

  • Increase philanthropic investment in Native communities to strengthen and expand community-based solutions.
  • Strengthen supports for Native, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders to further diversify the sector.
  • Improve the availability of regular, reliable data and Indigenous-led research on philanthropic giving to Native communities.

Restoring Native communities to full health and sustainability will take all of us. Join our sacred circle.