Indigenizing Philanthropy.

Building Solidarity.


For over 30 years, Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) has promoted equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities.

Native Youth Grantmakers


Tribal Nations Initiative


Membership Program


NAP champions Indigenous values in the wide spectrum of Native-led philanthropy.

For Philanthropy

NAP amplifies the voices of Tribal communities and educates funders about the rich cultural strengths of Indigenous communities, past injustices, and the resilience of Native peoples to pave the path forward.

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For Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples are asserting their rightful role as leaders in philanthropy. NAP’s resources make the often confusing and exclusive philanthropic world more accessible while we work to Indigenize the field and create better, more inclusive systems.

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For Native-led Nonprofits and Collectives

Building solidarity with our partners at Native-led nonprofits and collectives is a key component of our work. We strengthen connections within this network to uplift each other.

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For Non-Native Relatives

Anyone can play a key role in supporting Indigenous communities, but it’s important to learn about the history of Tribal Sovereignty and the current issues facing Indigenous communities before diving into collaboration.

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Investing in Native Communities

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