Working Groups & Networks

The cornerstone of our work is our relatives and relations.

Equity cannot be achieved without Indigenous leadership, knowledge, wisdom, and relationships.


Philanthropy is a system born out of a Western worldview focused on extraction, wealth accumulation, and wielding power. It is a system born out of inequity. For this reason, Indigenous people must be part of the healing necessary to move this sector away from its destructive roots and toward a more equitable future for everyone. Racial equity is inextricable from our mission.

We represent those most marginalized by the philanthropic sector, and all our work is focused on strengthening the power of our own individual communities along with our collective power with other communities of color and marginalized communities.


Native Philanthropic Professionals Working Group

NAP connects Native people working in philanthropy, provides targeted resources, and supports your growth as an individual and community member.


Native Ally Network

The Native Ally Network is a community of philanthropic allies who meet to build relationships with others in the field; seek to deepen their impact; and work to create more equitable opportunities within the philanthropic sector to partner with Native communities. 


Tribal Philanthropy Coalition

Join our virtual gathering space for Tribal professionals working in the areas of grant making, grant seeking, and philanthropy to gather, connect, and support one another. NAP encourages Tribal philanthropy professionals and Tribal employees who are interested in developing a strategy of giving, philanthropic connections, knowledge, and skills join this coalition. 


Native Youth Grantmakers

At the heart of the NYG program is the recognition that Native youth possess invaluable insights and perspectives that should be central to decision-making processes within philanthropy. We invite you to inquire about this program for youth ages 18-24.

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