Indigenous Data

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Research & Data play a key role in philanthropy, often determining who receives funding and whether certain programs are considered successful. 

Research and Reports

NAP is a hub for Indigenous leadership in philanthropic data and advocates for more accurate and timely data on Indigenous communities and the decolonization of research practices.

Funding Map

See how funders are investing in Native communities and organizations based on their grantmaking data.

The Funding Map displays grants from Candid’s database that are identified as benefiting Native Americans in the U.S. (including Alaska Natives, American Indians, and Native Hawaiians) or awarded to recipient organizations whose missions focus on Native Americans in the U.S.

Are we missing your data? Or have we gotten it wrong? Please email us. We’ve done our best to collect as much data as possible, but we know there are still gaps. We are always eager to expand and improve our database.

At this time, the map does not distinguish between Native-led organizations and non-Native-led organizations.


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