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While Tribes are not new to the practice of giving and helping their community, Tribal philanthropy is a growing segment to support Native American communities.


Tribal Nations Initiative

The Tribal Nations Initiative (TNI) brings Tribal Nations and the philanthropy sector together to facilitate more opportunities for awareness, connection, and collaboration.

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Public-Private Partnerships

There is a growing recognition that many public policy issues are more complex than one sector can address alone. One path towards lasting, systemic change? Public-private partnerships.

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Bison & Grasslands

Our approach is based on the latest scientific research and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, ensuring that we employ the best available strategies for conservation. Join us in our efforts to preserve and restore the vital ecosystems for future generations through philanthropic partnerships.

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Listening Sessions

Over the course of a year, we held six regional listening sessions. Hear directly from Tribal leaders as they discuss how to engage with them in a way that is respectful, meaningful, and beneficial to future for all Tribal Nations.

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Tribal Climate and Conservation

An unprecedented opportunity has emerged to become involved in the stewardship of our lands and waters and support conservation work led by Tribal Nations. Act now to gain invaluable knowledge and bring together vital resources.

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We partner with other Indigenous grantmaking organizations and leaders in the field to identify funding opportunities. Learn more about grantmaking opportunities here.

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