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Member Education Session: Language Acquisition and Preservation

1:00pm- 2:30pm EST

Event Description

Indigenous languages embody the resilience of our communities, as their survival and flourishing rested solely on the commitment and fortitude of our ancestors. Using our mother languages is a ceremonial act, symbolizing a rebellion against a system and culture that sought to strip and eradicate our identities and communities. The preservation and advancement of Indigenous languages present a unique opportunity for Native Peoples and communities. A resurgence of efforts and investment to safeguard this cultural lifeblood continues to grow. Now, and into the future, language and culture must be preserved and expanded for the next seven generations.

Members of Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Native Youth Grantmakers program alongside our moderator, Stephine “Steph” Poston (Pueblo of Sandia), and guest speakers Dr. Wai’ale’ale Arroyo (Native Hawaiian) and Celeste Naranjo (Pueblo of Cochiti) share their in-depth perspectives and experiences on the forefront of language revitalization efforts.

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About Our Speakers


Waiʻaleʻale Arroyo (Native Hawaiian) (she/her)

Vice President of Hi’ialo, Kamehameha Schools

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Celeste Naranjo (Pueblo of Cochiti) (she/her)

Education Director, Keres Children’s Learning Center

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Stephine "Steph" Poston, M.A. (Pueblo of Sandia) (she/her)

President & CEO, Poston & Associates, LLC

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