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Member Education Sessions: Partnering Across the Field

Event Description

Impactful philanthropic work challenges existing systems to create new long-term solutions. These solutions are often complex answers that require input and production from many sources. Historically, the non-profit sector has excluded Native Nations and communities of color. Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) is committed to rectifying this exclusion and promoting equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities. Collaborative efforts with partners and allies in the sector play a pivotal role in fulfilling this mission and creating solutions that will sustain themselves for the next seven generations.   

Our moderator, Stephine “Steph” Poston (Pueblo of Sandia), NAP’s Chief Executive Officer, Erik R. Stegman (Carry the Kettle First Nation - Nakoda), along with esteemed NAP Partners, Lisa Jaguzny from Biodiversity Funders Group, and Shannon Rudisill from Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, discuss the significance of partnering across the field and how cross-sector collaboration can revolutionize the future landscape of philanthropy. 

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About Our Speakers


Erik R. Stegman (Carry the Kettle First Nation - Nakoda) (he/him)

CEO, Native Americans in Philanthropy

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Lisa Pawlek Jaguzny (she/her)

Director of Programs and Initiatives, Biodiversity Funders Group

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Shannon Rudisill (she/her)

Executive Director, Early Childhood Funders Collaborative

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Stephine "Steph" Poston, M.A. (Pueblo of Sandia) (she/her)

President & CEO, Poston & Associates, LLC

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