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While Tribes are not new to the practice of giving and helping their community, Tribal philanthropy is a growing segment to support Native American communities.

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Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Tribal Nations Initiative (TNI) is about supporting Tribal Nations by creating more opportunities for awareness, connection, and collaboration with each other and with the philanthropic sector. 

Through this work, we create a space for connection and collaboration, empowering Native philanthropists at all stages of their journey - from established grantmakers looking to expand their impact to those new to the landscape.

The Tribal Nations Initiative supports Tribes, Intertribal organizations, and Tribal consortia through philanthropic support for Tribally-led projects, regrants, or other contributions.

Our responsibility is to Indigenize giving by building visibility, encouraging meaningful partnerships, identifying priorities, and developing strategic pathways. Additionally, we foster Tribal coalition building to create technical assistance support systems. Through these efforts, we aim to better connect the philanthropy sector and direct more resources to support Indigenous Peoples and their communities.

Join us in this important work to create a brighter future for Tribal Nations across the country.

Indigenizing philanthropic practices


Supports, amplifies, and connects Tribal coalitions and Tribal Giving programs


Creates better funding pathways and supports systems for Tribal programs


Identifies Tribal priorities, data, and areas of need


Broadens education and public outreach around Indigenous culture, lifeways, and the diversity of Native perspectives on issues that impact the lives of all people


Strengthens alliance-building efforts leading to deeper engagement with movements that support Native communities


Ultimately, redirects more funding to support Tribal Nations and Native American communities


Through education, understanding, meaningful engagements, and more resources, we can work together to change negative trends.

Tribes are working hard to take better care of nature and fight climate change, even though they still face problems from colonization and other harms from the past. These challenges are deeply rooted in a history of atrocities, failed government policies, and ongoing economic sanctions that have caused generational trauma, poverty, and social inequalities. By providing resources and support, we can work with Tribal Nations to find the best solutions and create positive change for their communities.


Support Tribal Nations

By supporting education forums, collaborative meetings, enhancing technical assistance, organizing the field of philanthropy with partners, and even direct funding, the TNI supports elevating Tribal Philanthropy and philanthropic investments. 

Through meaningful partnerships with Tribal Nations, philanthropic investments can support a variety of Tribal Nations programs and initiatives in priority areas such as climate and conservation work, education, and a host of social inequities and disparities.

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How can I get involved?

We want to hear from you!

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