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American Indian Child Welfare Initiative (AICWI) Consultant

Department of Human Services Minnesota $65,000-$80,000
Policy/Advocacy Program Full Time

Job Details

*** Telework (Within Minnesota or neighboring states) and flexible hours options are available.***

**Travel is required 30-40% of the time to visit Tribal Nations and counties in fostering/building relationships as well as supporting programs in the development of strengthening prevention programs that support and/or provide ongoing culturally appropriate prevention services.** 

Salary Range: $63,788 - $94,002

As the American Indian Child Welfare Initiative (AICWI) Consultant you will support, develop, assist, and implement tribal delivery of child welfare services to American Indian and Alaskan Native children and their families. You will work closely with Tribes, counties, and internal Department staff to provide support, guidance and technical assistance for the on-going operation of the AICWI continuum including program development and evaluation, grants management, consultation and technical assistance, problem solving and monitoring. The AICWI Consultant will work with Tribes who are currently implementing child welfare programming and others who are building capacity to take on child welfare responsibilities. 

The AICWI continuum includes:

  1. Child maltreatment prevention strategies and programs
  2. Family preservation and reunification strategies and programs
  3. Child maltreatment response systems capable of screening reports of abuse and neglect 24 hours day/7 days a week, and investigating or offering family assessment services in accordance with Minn. Stat 626.556
  4. Foster care licensing and support
  5. Permanency for children in foster care; and
  6. Other activities and services agreed to by tribe and by the Commissioner that further the goals of providing safety, permanency, and wellbeing of American Indian children.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Lead, collaborate and implement strategies with Tribal Nations to build capacity to become part of the American Indian Child Welfare Initiative (AICWI).
  2. Develop and oversee American Indian Child Welfare Initiative implementation.
  3. Manage the AICWI contracts (planning and implementation) and agreements.

Minimum Qualifications:

**To facilitate proper crediting, please ensure that your resume clearly describes your experience in the areas listed and indicates the beginning and ending month, day and year for each job held.**

Three (3) years professional experience working with Minnesota’s Child Welfare system and programs with an emphasis in American Indian Child Welfare. Experience must demonstrate the following:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of Minnesota’s child welfare system and its laws, policies, and practices
  2. Knowledge of the Indian Child Welfare Act and Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act as well as Tribal State Agreement.  
  3. Knowledge of Tribal communities and Tribal laws that affect American Indian children and families.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of cultural differences in working with Tribal communities and nations.
  5. Experience leading and facilitating workgroups. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Experience leading in program design, development, and implementation, and to providing ongoing support and technical assistance to tribal social service agencies
  2. Skill in negotiating sufficient to successfully develop agreements between counties and tribal social service agencies that lead to improvement of child welfare practice with American Indian children and families. 
  3. Knowledge of the legislative process, state government policies, processes, rules, and laws
  4. Ability to interpret or oversee surveys, analyze data, summarize results, prepare reports, bulletins, correspondence, manuals, and best practice materials and provide policy interpretation.
  5. Variety of experiences working effectively with others from different backgrounds and cultures.


State Career website and searching for job ID: 76627 through 6/10

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