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Native Americans in Philanthropy is dedicated to increasing and nurturing Indigenous representation in the philanthropic sector. With that in mind, the opportunities on our Job Board fit one of the following criteria:    

  1. The position is within a philanthropic or nonprofit organization 
  2. The position itself is philanthropic in nature and/or focuses on roles essential to or valued by the philanthropic sector i.e. fundraising, grantmaking, gift processing or development, donor relations, nonprofit management and/or administration, social justice, equity, conservation, etc.  

Please submit your job opportunity here and note that assessment and approval of submissions can take up to 48 hours.

NOTE: Positions marked as "Featured" are either Native-focused roles or based at organizations focused on Native communities.

Multimedia Specialist

Ploughshares California $40,000-$65,000
Marketing/Communication Full Time

Job Details

Ploughshares’ mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons. We do critical work to drive collaborative action within the nuclear field and provide funding to experts and organizations focused on mitigating the threat. We seek to strengthen the nuclear field with new voices and diverse perspectives; motivate the public and build power with allies; stimulate new approaches and challenge status quo thinking; and catalyze inclusion within the nuclear field and our organization through Equity Rises.

Equity Rises aims to increase equity and justice in nuclear policies and institutions by empowering diverse voices, cultivating inclusive spaces (across identity, sector, and geography), and collaborating with new partners both inside and outside the nuclear field.

Ploughshares is publicly-supported and the largest US foundation singularly focused on reducing nuclear threats.

General Description

The Multimedia Specialist is a key member of the Communications Team reporting directly to the Director of Communications & Marketing. Overarching responsibilities and objectives will include: helping produce our podcast, NukeTalk; developing visuals for print/digital content; managing our digital advertising; and collaborating with the development team on executing creative digital and print fundraising projects. This position is primarily tactical and implementation.

In this job you will:

Help produce the podcast (25%)

  1. Produce podcast audio on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the season.
  2. Collaborate with the Executive Producer on season ideas and episode day-to-day operations.
  3. Generate social media content for podcast social media: Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  4. Assist the Executive Producer with drafting podcast scripts.
  5. Conduct research for upcoming podcast episodes and/or seasons. 

Design and Marketing (50%)

  1. Generate social media graphics and infographics content for different social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.
  2. Storyboard and create video content for website and social media. 
  3. Create and optimize digital and print content for sharing and dissemination.
  4. Curate photo content for use in digital/print communications materials.
  5. Build and send emails to Ploughshares email list.
  6. Support design and production of fundraising materials including: annual reports, e-newsletters, Council Dockets, event invitations, and other print/digital collateral as needed.

Operations (25%)

  1. Regularly update the website with new blog posts, media hits, and general content updates. 
  2. Research and monitor third-party content, including appropriate news articles, reports, and interactive content to share on Ploughshares social channels.
  3. Manage AdWords account, leveraging content to drive website traffic, grow email list, and fundraise. 
  4. Monitor, document and analyze social media performance and engagement metrics, website traffic, and email subscriber list, submitting reports summarizing information on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  5. Provide backend support for Zoom webinars, meetings, and other public-facing events. 
  6. Provide photography and event support during public-facing and private internal events. 

To do this job, you will need to have the following skills. We understand that candidates may not initially have all these skills, but we ask that you have most of them when you apply.

  1. Graphic design skills with recent portfolio of digital/print materials.
  2. Proficiency with design software (such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator).
  3. Proficiency with email marketing platforms (such as MailChimp, Engaging Networks).
  4. Proficiency with web site management tools such as Drupal / WordPress and online marketing.
  5. Proficiency with SEO techniques and tools such as Google Adwords.
  6. Experience with audio and video editing strongly preferred; proficiency with digital audio/video editing tools preferred.
  7. Strong organizational and project management skills, including high attention to detail and timelines.
  8. Communicate through writing, as well as speaking or signing, in a way that is clear, concise, compelling and accurate, as well as tonally appropriate for and easily understood by internal and external audiences.
  9. Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently.
  10. Work independently as well as part of a team, be proactive and take direction.

In addition, we require all of our staff to have the following skills, drawn from our organizational values of collaboration, adaptability, understanding and our commitment to Equity Rises:

  1. Generate new ideas with other staff members by cultivating curiosity.
  2. Build trust by forgiving others’ mistakes and taking responsibility for their own.
  3. Communicate needs around tasks, priorities and deadlines clearly to colleagues.
  4. Adjust their workflow (pace, topic, relationships) to respond to immediate challenges.
  5. Learn from and respond to others through active listening.
  6. Ensure their own work derives from the organization’s mission and goals (for example, in strategies and workplans).
  7. Reflect on and address power (personal and organizational) when communicating and making decisions.
  8. Help set and achieve departmental and organizational DEIA goals.

For this position we require that you have the following experience:

  1. At least 1 year prior work experience.
  2. Relevant transferable skills, work experience, or education including: communications, journalism, graphic design, digital marketing and audio engineering.
  3. On the job training is available

Physical requirements:

  1. Ability to work at a computer for the majority of the day.
  2. Some travel may be required.


Compensation and Benefits

FLSA Designation: Non-exempt

This is a full-time position, based either in San Francisco, CA or Washington, DC. Ploughshares allows for some remote work flexibility regarding both location and scheduling. For example, in person meetings may be required for collaboration and onboarding, with remote flexibility allowed for independent project work.

This is an Associate/Specialist level position which has a set hourly rate between $23.03 and $34.57, assuming a 40 hour work week this would be an annual salary range of $47,900 and $71,900. The maximum starting rate will be the midpoint, $28.80/hour ($59,905 annually), and depend on your skills as stated above. Ploughshares offers a full range of benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, a retirement matching plan, paid sick leave and paid vacation time. Ploughshares is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To Apply

Please submit your application along with a resume and cover letter that highlight how you meet the required skills and experience noted above. Please do not contact us by phone. To learn more about Ploughshares Fund, please visit

Applications are due by June 14, 2024.  

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