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We Stand in Solidarity and Demand Justice

June 01, 2020 | 1 min read

We Stand in Solidarity and Demand Justice

Statement from Native Americans in Philanthropy on the Murder of George Floyd

It was one week ago today that George Floyd’s life was taken from him under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. Since then our nation—and the world—have taken to the streets to grieve with George’s family and the communities where so many Black men and women have lost their lives to police violence. As relatives, we share this grief and stand beside Black communities as they demand justice and action. As Native people, we also understand the pain, grief, and suffering inflicted by systematic racism and violence.

As this community movement gains growing public attention, we call on our partners in philanthropy to invest in the solutions that will help these communities heal and realize a just and fair future. This will require truth and reconciliation about the racist and violent foundation of this country. This will require serious and meaningful policy change. This will require deeper investment in grassroots organizations and organizers who are already on the frontlines of leading this change.

Equity and anti-racism must be at the center of philanthropy. There is no time to waste. Native Americans in Philanthropy stands as a partner in grief, solidarity and resilience with Black communities across the country.


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