During these trying and unprecedented times, especially for Tribal communities, Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) believes one of the best ways to contribute to our people and communities right now is by sharing our stories. We know that Native people are organizing through movements and nonprofits to combat COVID-19 and it's potentially devastating impact.

We are working with Tribal nonprofit and community leaders across the country to get their perspective on how they’re tackling this challenge in a wide range of areas, from those who work with our most vulnerable populations to business owners.  These leaders, activists, organizations and everyday Tribal community members continue to do their work centered in Indigenous values. We have an important role to play as advocates for increased funding to support these nonprofits, movements, and the communities they serve.

The strength we draw from our communities and cultures is our lifeline. We will continue to share stories, resources, and updates on how Native communities are addressing this pandemic on our website.

Post by Erik Stegman
March 19, 2020


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