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Native Americans in Philanthropy Launches Podcast With A COVID-19 Community Conversation

April 16, 2021 | 1 min read

Native Americans in Philanthropy Launches Podcast With A COVID-19 Community Conversation

Native Americans in Philanthropy is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new video podcast. In the debut episode, Kelli Begay (Kickapoo/Seminole/Muscogee Creek) sits down with Valerie Segrest (Muckleshoot) to talk about Native nutrition and food systems.

The Native Americans in Philanthropy Podcast is a platform to have honest, straightforward, and to-the-point conversations about promoting effective and sustainable philanthropy in tribal communities. The space to have these kinds of authentic discussions has become essential, especially in a market flooded by formal online webinars and workshops.

Kelli Begay currently serves as Chief Strategy & Operations Officer of Native Americans in Philanthropy. However, her background as a registered dietitian sparked the idea of a relaxed and natural discussion about food systems recorded in March to observe National Nutrition Month.

Valerie Segrest was the logical partner for that discussion.

Valerie is the Regional Director for Native Food & Knowledge Systems for the Native American Agriculture Fund. She's an author and an advocate of food sovereignty and security for tribal communities. She's also a featured contributor of NAP's comprehensive report, "Indigenous Community Leadership in Response to COVID-19: A Call to Action for the Philanthropic Sector."

NAP has developed a series of supplemental resources to support its report, including the COVID-19 Community Conversation series. The first installment in the series was a live online webinar featuring several of the report's featured contributors. (You can find the full recording here and a highlight reel here.)

This episode is the most recent installment of the COVID-19 Community Conversation series. It reflects the report's section that interviews Valerie about the pandemic's effect on Native food systems, however, the podcast allows for a deeper and more detailed exchange.

To listen to the podcast, subscribe now to the Native Americans in Philanthropy YouTube channel.


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